• About The Artist

    I was born in The Glen, Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Growing up on a hillside farm looking out on The Great Atlantic and waking up to that beauty every day was my greatest inspiration for my creativity and is ever present in my mind's eye as a rich source for my art. Every colour imaginable was in the setting sun behind the majestic Skelligs and every mood in the atlantic weather blowing in over the cliffs.

  • Kerry Art Gallery

    A self-taught artist from childhood, my earliest memories of loving art, was as a small child, home sick from school, sitting propped up in bed with a pencil and paper. In those days, (late 60s), when we had one channel on TV that began programming at 6pm and where books were scarce, I found that with a lead pencil and blank paper I had company and instant relief from boredom. On those grey Irish days I loved the feeling that bright felt-tip markers gave me, their vibrant colours on a blank white page was instantly uplifting. I was hooked.

    Fast forward through all the twists and turns of ones life, the one thing that has remained constant is my passion for art. If I don't paint or draw I am not content in myself. It is this itch that has propelled my work to the standard it is today. As a self-taught artist it has been a pure labour of love and I have enjoyed every minute of this journey that continues to evolve.

    From an early age I immersed myself in drawing and love of illustration remains a hallmark of my work. My paintings are mostly done in a stylised, highly detailed manner. Each piece can take many weeks and even months to complete. Art is my passion, it is also hard hard work. It is hugely challenging, demanding and frustrating but it is exhilarating and satisfying in equal measure.

    I am Resident Artist at Kerry Airport and I have been exhibiting there since 2001. My current art is on display there at the moment.

    At 18, I unintentionally wrote my first poem. It was really an erruption of inner emotion but I found it was a great release and that the words flowed very freely. Writing poetry became a very enjoyable spontaneous exercise, a pastime that I kept to myself until I was 22 when I designed and printed my first collection of poems 'The Way Out' which also included little illustrations. I ventured out to sell my booklets door to door in different areas of Dublin and in the bars of Dublin city centre. The response from people was just great and full of encouragement and I discovered that the average person who normally had little interest in poetry could identify very easily with my plain-spoken style.

    In 2003, I published my 2nd collection Down By The Sea and Other Poems. In this book I included art from my first solo exhibition. It has been very well received with many people writing to me, emailing me and coming up to me to tell me what the book meant to them. The recurring theme from comments made, being a liking for my honest way with words.

    My dearest wish is to be able to continue to draw, paint and write all the years of my life. Every day is a new inspiration unlike any day that has gone before and what better way to capture it than with the mighty pen and the blank sheet of paper, be it with art or poetry.

    Thank you.